Thursday, 13 March 2014

What is the Key to Appraisal Success?

Preparation is KEY!

Preparation in any area of property management is the key to success, none more important than the appraisal of new business. Many a time, an appraisal is rushed from a precious appointment without allocating the proper time required for research and preparation - people aren't well trained to deal with and adapt to varying clients needs.

You can only get so far flying by the seat of your pants but you will be far better prepared to win a new client over if you've put in the time and effort to prepare personalised and relevant data and knowledge, and undergo regular training to prepare yourself to respond to their personal situation.

Pre-appraisal this may mean spending some more time on the initial call finding out a little bit more about the property, what their expectations are and perhaps their intentions, so that you can be best prepared to sell the information and service that they need, not necessarily what you assume they want.

Ongoing preparation means undergoing training on a regular basis, this will ensure your new business success and essentially, that you remain prepared for any situation that crops up.
The most successful new business people in the industry are both well prepared before the actual meeting and well trained, so they are adaptable to different clients needs and expectations.

Why not attend our webinar next week on Wednesday 12.30 where Fiona will guide you through essential preparation for the listing appraisal itself. As part of our New Business Bootcamp training series, we'll cover how you can be ready and prepared leading up to and the day of appraisal. 

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