Thursday 26 June 2014

Set expectations to improve client relationships

With every quality relationship, these guidelines are in place, often we call them boundaries or
expectations and to be effective must be understood and agreed to by both parties. Once you
have created your service offering and guidelines, you must ensure that not only is it known by
your team but also your clients.
Not sure if they know? A few questions will help you find out.
  • Do you get complaints in your business about non returned phone calls or emails?
  • Does your receptionist receive three calls from the same client in one day chasing the property manager?
  • Do tenants regularly call following up on repair requests?
  • Is your day taken up with 50% or more reactive activities?
If the answer is yes to any one of these questions then communication expectations have not
been sent, understood or agreed with by your client.
In order to reverse this, it’s time to review / create a documented set of communication
expectations, and a communication procedure.
  1. Set response time scales – minimum standards of communication that clients can expect
  2. Set response methods – what methods will be used to communicate, what proactive communication will occur.
  3. Review systems – ensure communication points are dotted throughout every procedure keeping clients advised of activity on their property.

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